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About Us

Ten Twenty-Six Interiors is an interior design firm based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and we serve the surrounding suburbs as well. Our attention to detail and top-of-the-line finishes make for gorgeous interiors that will wow the eye and be comfortable to enjoy on a daily basis. 

Our design leader, Kathleen Lynch, offers her unique vision and expertise to bring new life to old spaces. Whether it's a new kitchen, remodeled bathroom, or reimagining an entire space, Kathleen approaches every project with the same great professionalism and joy.


Kathleen originally worked in insurance sales for Anthem BCBS before staying home with her four children, but a love for design — and a steady stream of projects for friends and family — eventually persuaded her to make the leap and start her own business.


Today, she specializes in custom builds as well as home renovations. Because she believes a home should be truly lived in above all else, her focus is understanding the client’s needs and delivering a space that’s both beautiful and practical. Kathleen’s portfolio includes several homes that nod to a new-traditional aesthetic, while maintaining a sense of modernity and an eye for today’s trends.





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